About Us

Norm Stormers comprises a group of young social justice activists from around the country. We seek to contribute to a conversation focused around anti-oppression work through a multi-media, self-reflective approach. We by no means claim to be experts; we are simply doing our own work, both internally and externally, and hope you will join us on the journey.


Josh Blair – At first he was afraid, he was petrified…but now he’s confident in his discourse, has a job where he discusses social justices issue with college students on a regular basis, and lives in New Jersey.

Allison Burket – Food advocate, DC resident, sweet potato fanatic, queer feminist, and burgeoning facilitation nerd, Allison spends her time cooking, eating, and going to meetings. She has deep faith in the power of the potluck, and she always wants to talk about process, design, and personally manifesting the political.

Jean Chung is a D.C.-based criminal justice reform advocate and badass feminist who makes her name reproaching street harassers, becoming an athlete, and learning to cook delicious food.

Ariana de Leña is a popular education lover, facilitator, urban farmer, yoga instructor, and aspiring healer seeking to blow your mind through community wisdom. Despite her labrynthian dietary restrictions, Ari will talk food with you any time, any where, any vegetable. She currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Theo Gibbs-Plessl is a part-time thinker, part-time doer who spends her time finding/making pretty things, thinking about spatial politics, surviving grad school, and digging in the dirt (literal and otherwise). She lives in northern California.

Angelynn Hermes works in rural affordable housing by day and is a rape crisis counselor and gender justice educator and advocate by night. Her passions include radical community transformation, intentional communities, DIY, yoga and bikes, and curling up with a book and tea. Angelynn grew up in the desert of Southern Arizona and now lives in Mount Rainier, Maryland.

Jasmine Mickens is a Washington, D.C.-based activist who is working on a future Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.


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